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Important Notes:

CARS 2010
June 23-26, 2010
Geneva, Switzerland



08:00 | Computed Tomography – CT08:00 | Computed Tomography – CT

Computer Assisted Radiology
23RD International Congress and Exhibition

Chairman: Stanley Baum, MD (USA)
Co-Chair: Bernd Hamm, MD (D)

08:00 Computed Tomography – CT
Thursday, June 25, 2009;
Estrelsaal C4

Session Chair:
Martin J. Lipton, MD, FACR, FACC (USA)

08:00 A dual-resolution Cone Beam CT technique for 3D breast imaging- scatter reduction, dose saving, and image quality improvement
C. Shaw, C. Lai, Y. Shen, L. Chen, T. Han, S. Ge, Y. Yi, x. Liu, Y. Zhong, H. Zhang, T. Wang, G. Whitman, W. Yang, Univ. of Texas, Houston, TX (USA)

08:15 A novel design of dynamic phi-collimator of CT system to trace target scanning area and reduce patient dose
W. Wang, J. Du, J. Kong, Siemens HealthCare, Shanghai (CHN)

08:30 Evaluation of a new metal artifact correction technique on computed tomographic imaging in neuroradiology
A. Douglas-Akinwande, S.G. Jennings, C.Y. Ho, K. Hamada, Indiana Univ. School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN, K.M. Brown, Philips Healthcare, Cleveland, OH (USA)

08:45 Image processing to clearly visualize both sentinel lymph nodes and body silhouette on the lymphoscintigram
H. Fujii, National Cancer Center, Kashiwa, T. Ikeda, Teikyo Univ., Y. Kitagawa, Keio Univ., T. Nakahara, A. Kubo, Keio Univ., M. Kitajima, International Univ. of Health and Welfare, Tokyo, Y. Ando, National Inst. of Radiological Sciences, Chiba (J), C. Suzuki, Karolinska Univ., Stockholm (S)