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Important Notes:

CARS 2010
June 23-26, 2010
Geneva, Switzerland



14:00 | Digital Operating Room14:00 | Digital Operating Room

2nd CARS / TicSalut / EuroPACS
Educational Course on the Digital Operating Room

14:00 Digital Operating Room
Friday, June 26, 2009; Estrelsaal B

Session Chairs:
Javier Herrero Jover, MD (E), Joan Cornet (E), Davide Caramella, MD (I)

14:00 The digital operating room
J. Herrero Jover, Centro Médico Teknon, Barcelona (E)

14:15 Therapy Imaging and Model Management System (TIMMS)
H.U. Lemke, Technical Univ. of Berlin (D)

14:30 Mechatronic intelligent systems for the OR of the future
K. Cleary, Georgetown Univ. Medical Center, Washington, DC (USA)

14:45 DICOM WG24 - informatics standards in the OR
A. Pollmann, Zimmer GmbH, Winterthur (CH)

15:00 Integrated neurosurgery OR
H. Iseki, Tokyo Women's Medical Univ. (J)

15:15 Integrated OR suites
D. Spencer, Stryker EMEA, Newbury (UK)

15:30 Virtual and augmented neurosurgery planning and navigation
L. Serra, National Neuroscience Inst., Singapore (SGP)

15:45 Break

16:00 Image visualization and surgical planning
M.A. González Ballester, Alma IT Systems, Barcelona (E)

16:15 Surgical simulation and planning
D. Caramella, Univ. of Pisa (I)

16:30 Computer-aided surgical training and telesurgery
M. Hashizume, Kyushu Univ. (J)

16:45 Integration of systems in the OR
D. Garcia Trigo, Indra Sistemas, S.A., Alcobendas (E)

17:00 Surgical workflow management in the OR
C. Bulitta, Siemens AG Medical Solutions, Erlangen (D)

17:15 Information integration in the OR
H.K. Huang, Univ. of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA (USA)

Panel Discussion

18:00 End of Session