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Important Notes:

CARS 2010
June 23-26, 2010
Geneva, Switzerland



08:00 | Computer Assisted Head and Neck, and ENT Surgery – ENT-HN08:00 | Computer Assisted Head and Neck, and ENT Surgery – ENT-HN

13th Annual Conference of the
International Society for Computer Aided Surgery

President: Gero, Strauss, MD (D)

08:00 Computer Assisted Head and Neck, and ENT Surgery - ENT-HN
Thursday, June 25, 2009
; Estrelsaal A

Session Chairs:
Gero Strauss, MD (D); Wolfgang Freysinger, PhD (A)

08:00 Development and implementation of an integrated image-guided surgery system based on a prototype C-arm for high-performance cone-beam CT
J. Siewerdsen, M. Daly, H. Chan, J. Irish, Princess Margaret Hosp., Toronto, Ontario, S. Nithiananthan, N. Hamming, Univ. of Toronto (CDN)

08:15 Demons deformable registration for cone-beam CT-guided procedures in the head and neck: multi-scale implementation, optimization, and characterization
S. Nithiananthan, K. Brock, J. Siewerdsen, Univ. of Toronto, J. Irish, Princess Margaret Hosp., Toronto, Ontario (CDN)

08:30 A new low-dose protocol for dose reduction by the production of a CT for navigation
T. Berger, M. Hofer, G. Strauss, A. Dietz, E. Dittrich, M. Reiss-Zimmermann, Univ. of Leipzig (D)

08:45 Newly developed surgical navigator for endoscopic sinus surgery based on 3D measurements using white light scanner
S. Yamamoto, H. Mineta, Hamamatsu Univ. School of Medicine, A. Miura, K. Mochizuki, T. Nakamura, Amelio Inc., T. Takai, E. Hayashimoto, Pulstec Industrial Co., Ltd., J. Hotta, Zodiac Co., Ltd., Y. Suzuki, NST Co., Ltd., Hamamatsu, M. Orimoto, H. Saitoh, Nagashima Medical Instruments Co., Ltd., Tokyo (J)

09:00 A new visualisation device for ENT-surgery: Panoramic Visualisation System (HD-PVS)
M. Hofer, G. Strauss, A. Dietz, M. Strauss, Univ. Hosp. of Leipzig, E. Dittrich, Univ. of Leipzig (D)

09:15 Intraoperative measurement in endonasal surgery (Volume Control System, VCS)
G. Strauss, Univ. Hosp. Leipzig, S. Hipp, Karl Storz GmbH & Co. KG, Tuttlingen (D)

09:30 Break

10:00 Experimental experience with the use of an active robotic camera holding system in head and neck surgery
J. Kristin, P. Lohnstein, F. Knapp, J. Schipper, T. Klenzner, Univ. of Düsseldorf (D)

10:15 First clinical experiences with the new endoscope manipulator system for endo- and transnasale sinus surgery
M. Krinninger, M. Markert, T. Kraus, T. Lüth, Technical Univ. Munich, G. Strauss, A. Dietz, Univ. Hosp. Leipzig (D)

10:30 A robot-guided minimally invasive approach for cochlear implant surgery: preliminary results of a temporal bone study
O. Majdani, T. Rau, T. Lenarz, M. Leinung, Medical Univ. of Hannover, S. Baron, H. Eilers, B. Heimann, Leibniz Univ., Hannover, S. Bartling, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg (D)

10:45 Manual accuracy in middle ear surgery in comparison with a miniature master slave device
A. Runge, M. Hofer, R. Haase, G. Strauss, A. Dietz, Univ. Hosp. Leipzig, E. Dittrich, T. Neumuth, Univ. of Leipzig, M. Thomas, T. Lüth, Technical Univ. Munich (D)

11:00 Navigated control for ENT-surgery: a critical balance after 50 patients
G. Strauss, M. Hofer, Univ. Hosp. Leipzig, T. Lüth, Technical Univ., Munich (D)

11:15 Break