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Important Notes:

CARS 2010 Program is online.
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11:30 | Digital Radiography – DR11:30 | Digital Radiography – DR

Computer Assisted Radiology
24th International Congress and Exhibition

Chairman: Stanley Baum, MD (USA)
Co-Chair: Borut Marincek, MD (CH)

11:30 | Digital Radiography – DR
Thursday, June 24, 2010
; Room 1

Session Chair:
Leonard Berliner, MD (USA)

11:30 Super-resolution variable-dose digital radiography - initial experience with a flat-detector imaging sensor
L. Berliner, A. Buffa, New York Methodist Hosp., Brooklyn, NY (USA)

11:45 C-arm rotation encoding with accelerometers
V. Grzeda, G. Fichtinger, Queens Univ., Kingston, Ontario (CDN)

12:00 Pilot study for the detection of simulated lesions at a digital full-field mammography system with a new developed high resolution detector on the base of two shifts of a-Se
R. Schulz-Wendtland, M. Meier-Meitinger, B. Adamietz, K. Anders, M. Uder, Univ. Hosp. Erlangen, K.-P. Hermann, Univ. of Göttingen (D)

12:15 Software for quality assurance of digital X-ray imaging devices and CT
S. Kruchinin,, M. Zelikman, Research and Practical Centre of Medical Radiology, Moscow (RUS)

12:30 Break