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Important Notes:

CARS 2010 Program is online.
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CARS OpeningCARS Opening

CARS Opening

17:00 | CARS 2010 Opening
Wednesday, June 23, 2010; Hall A

Theme of CARS 2010: “Outreach...”

The selected theme for 25th anniversary of CARS meeting is “Outreach”. A theme that highlights the expansion and growth of the scope of this meting held yearly since 1985. While it has expanded from the fundamental concepts of development of imaging technology and image management systems toward clinical applications in surgery and images based medical interventions, it continues to grow and expand in the promotion of technical discoveries and scientific and medical innovations. This year’s meeting will bring more than ever a wealth of new concepts and innovations in medical and clinical applications in domains that were not foreseen 25 years ago when the first CARS meeting was held in Berlin. This milestone event is perceived as a turning point of an ever expanding field that tries to reach beyond its original scope and aim for new frontiers, and maybe “boldly go where no man has gone before.” (*)

(*) a very famous quote from original Star Trek television series of the late seventies!


Osman M. Ratib, MD, PhD
President CARS 2010

Stanley Baum, MD
Chairman Computer Assisted Radiology, 24th International Congress and Exhibition (CAR)

Gero Strauss, MD, PhD
President 14th Annual Conference of the International Society for Computer Aided Surgery (ISCAS)

Osman M. Ratib, MD, PhD
President 28th International EuroPACS Meeting (EuroPACS)

Kunio Doi, PhD
Chairman 12th International Workshop on Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD)

Allan G. Farman, PhD, DSc
Chairman 16th Computed Maxillofacial Imaging Congress (CMI)

Keynote Speakers:

Outreach technology
Osman M. Ratib, MD, PhD, FAHA, University Hospital of Geneva (CH)

CT for Africa
Robert Sigal, MD, GE Healthcare, Buc (F)

Education outreach to emerging countries
Antoine Geissbühler, MD, PhD
, University Hospital Geneva (CH)

Ubiquitous personalized medicine with mHealth
Peter Waegemann, PhD
, mHealth Initiative, Boston, MA (USA)