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Important Notes:

CARS 2010 Program is online.
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08:00 | The Integrated OR and New Architectural Concepts08:00 | The Integrated OR and New Architectural Concepts

11th  CARS / SPIE / EuroPACS Joint Workshop
on Surgical PACS and the
Digital Operating Room

Chairmen: Osman M. Ratib, MD, PhD (CH), Heinz U. Lemke, PhD (D

8:00 | The Integrated OR and New Architectural Concepts
Friday, June 25, 2010
; Hall C

Session Chairs:
Osman M. Ratib, MD, PhD (CH), Neil A. Martin, MD (USA)

8:00 Rethinking imaging environment architecture: what we learned from designing and building new reading rooms
Invited Speaker: S. Horii, W. Kim, W. Boonn, Hosp. of the Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (USA)

8:15 Rethinking imaging environment architecture - what's next?
Invited Speaker: B. Rostenberg, Anshen + Allen, San Francisco, CA (USA)

8:30 Impact of IT based surgical systems on OR architecture
F. Aries, Med.Plan Engineering AG, Schaffhausen (CH)

8:45 Pre-installed modular units for implementation of imaging suites
O. Ratib, P. Denicourt, M. Giammello, Univ. Hosp. of Geneva (CH), C. Amato, RBB Architects, Los Angeles, CA (USA)

9:00 The role of portable CT scanners in image-guided surgery
R. Balachandran, D. Schurzig, J.M. Fitzpatrick, R. Labadie, Vanderbilt Univ. Medical Center, Nashville, TN (USA)

9:15 Panel Discussion

9:30 Break