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Important Notes:

Deadline for Abstract/Paper Submission:
January 12, 2016


Co-located Conference IPCAI

Wednesday, June 22, 2011, Room Paris

Executive Committee:
Russell Taylor, PhD (USA), Guang-Zhong Yang, PhD (USA), Purang Abolmaesumi, PhD (CDN), Kevin Cleary, PhD (USA), Dave Hawkes, PhD (UK), Thomas Lango, PhD (N), Tim Salcudean (CDN), Ichiro Sakuma, PhD (J), Nassir Navab, PhD (D), Pierre Jannin, PhD (F), Leo Joskowicz, PhD (IL),  Kensaku Mori, PhD (J)

8:30 | Opening

Russel H. Taylor, PhD (USA)

8:40 | Surgical Planning, Simulation, and Guidance

Session Chairs:
Pierre Jannin, PhD (F), Purang Abolmaesumi, PhD (CDN)

The Tumor Therapy Manager - design refinement and clinical impact of a software product for ENT surgery planning and documentation
I. Rössling, B. Preim, L. Dornheim, A. Boehm, Otto-von-Guericke-Univ., Magdeburg (D)

An image-guided surgery system to aid endovascular treatment of complex aortic aneurysms: description and initial clinical experience
G. Penney, A. Varnavas, N. Dastur, T. Carrell, King's College London (UK)

OR specific domain model for usability evaluations of intra-operative systems
A. Bigdelou, T. Sterner, S. Wiesner, T, Wendler, F. Matthes, N,. Navab, Technical Univ. Munich, Garching (D)

A multi-view active contour method for bone cement reconstruction from C-Arm X-Ray images
B. Lucas, Y. Otake, M. Armand, R. Taylor, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD (USA)

Biomechanically constrained groupwise statistical shape model to ultrasound registration of the lumbar spine
S. Khallaghi, P. Abolmaesumi, P. Mousavi, G. Fichtinger, D. Borschneck, Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver (CDN)

Visual tracking of surgical tools for collision detection in retinal surgery
R. Richa, M. Balicki, R. Sznitman, R. Taylor, E. Meisner, G. Hager, LIRMM, Montpellier (F)

9:40 Coffee Break

10:00 | Medical Robotics, Instrumentation, and Modelling

Session Chairs:
Tim Salcudean (CDN), Ichiro Sakuma, PhD (J)

DOF minimization for optimized shape control under active constraints for a hyper-redundant flexible robot
V. Vitiello, K.-W. Kwok, G.-Z. Yang, Imperial College London (UK)

A robotic system for intra-operative trans-rectal ultrasound and ultrasound elastography in radical prostatectomy
T. Adebar, S. Salcudean, S. Mahdavi, M. Moradi, C. Nguan, L. Goldenberg, The Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver (CDN)

Hand-held force magnier for surgical instruments
G. Stetten, B. Wu, R. Klatzky, J. Galeotti, M. Siegel, R. Lee, R. Hollis, Univ. Pittsburgh (USA)

PS-GANS: a patient-specific, gravity assisted navigation system for acetabular cup placement
G. Zheng, S. Echeverri, W. Xie, L.-P. Nolte, Univ. of Berne (CH)

Correlating clinical scores with anatomical electrodes locations for assessing deep brain stimulation
F. Lalys, C. Haegelen, A. Abadie, P. Jannin, Irisa, Rennes (F)

Intra-operative “pick-up” ultrasound for robot assisted surgery with vessel extraction and registration: a feasibility study
C. Schneider, J. Guerrero, C. Nguan, R. Rohling, S. Salcudean, Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver (CDN)

12:00 Lunch Break (Box Lunch)

12:30 | Poster Session

Session Chairs:
Leo Joskowicz, PhD (IL), Kensaku Mori, PhD (J)


13:45 | Abdominal Navigation and Visualization

Session Chairs:
Kevin Cleary, PhD (USA), Thomas Lango, PhD (N)

Constrained 2-D/3-D registration for motion compensation in AFib ablation procedures
A. Brost, A. Wimmer, R. Liao, J. Hornegger, N. Strobel, Friedrich Alexander Univ. Erlangen Nürnberg, Erlangen (D)

Image-based automatic ablation point tagging system with motion correction for cardiac ablation procedures
Y.L. Ma, G. Gao, G. Gijsbers, A. Rinaldi, J. Gill, R. Razavi, K. Rhode, King's College London (UK)

Soft tissue surface tracking for open liver surgery using passive single markers
T. Oliveira-Santos, M. Peterhans, S. Hofmann, S. Weber, Univ. of Berne (CH)

15:30 Coffee Break

15:45 | Interventional Imaging

Session Chairs:
Dave Hawkes, PhD (CDN), Nassir Navab, PhD (D)

Improved neuronavigation through integration of intraoperative anatomical and diffusion images in an interventional MRI suite
P. Daga, G. Winston, M. Modat, M.J. Cardoso, M. White, A.W. McEvoy, J. Thornton, D. Hawkes, J. Duncan, S. Ourselin, Univ. College London (UK)

Panorama ultrasound for guiding epidural anesthesia: a feasibility study
H. Rafii-Tari, P. Abolmaesumi, R. Rohling, The Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver (CDN)

17:00 - 17:30 | Plenary Discussion,
Presentation of Awards: Guang-Zhong Yang


Thursday, June 23, 2011, Room Estrelsaal A

11:00 | ISCAS/IPCAI Industry Panel

sponsored by Siemens, Intuitive Surgery, Medtronic