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Pre-Registration Deadline:
April 25, 2016

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Abstract/Paper Submission

CARS thanks all authors who have submitted an abstract or paper for CARS 2016. The letters of acceptance for lecture/poster presentations will be sent on 12th February, 2016 by email. Please contact the CARS Office, if you have not received any notification.

An updated abstract of the accepted abstract submissions will be published in the CARS 2016 Proceedings, supplement of the International Journal of CARS by Springer Publishers, Heidelberg, and will be made available at the CARS congress. 


Submission of abstracts / papers:12th January, 2016
Notification of acceptance:12th February, 2016
Registration of presenting authors:3rd March, 2016
Submission of final abstracts 
(for CARS 2016 Proceedings, supplement of IJCARS):
10th March, 2016
Submission of final papers 
(for the International Journal of CARS):
after peer-review

Submission of Final Abstracts for Accepted Lecture and Poster Presentations for the CARS 2016 Proceedings, a Supplement of IJCARS

Deadline: 10th March, 2016

For authors who have submitted an abstract through the CARS 2016 Abstract Management System:

For modifying your submitted abstract, please login with your login code to the Abstract Management System website.

Please do not submit a new abstract, as this would create a new abstract number which can not be allocated to the accepted abstract!

1. The length of your abstract should not exceed 2 pages (approx. 1000 words).

2. Please ensure that your abstract text is structured as follows:


3. 1-2 figures can be included (minimum 300dpi). Figure/table captions must be provided. Figures/tables must be cited in the abstract text.

4. References must be cited in the text. The number of references should not exceed 5 (approx. 1 reference per 200 words).

5. Please check whether you have entered the list of authors correctly. It will be printed according to the data you have entered into the system.

6. Include your paper code (supplied by CARS in the letter of acceptance) in all correspondence. 

For further instructions, please refer also to the word template

Example PDF

If you have any technical questions about the submission of your manuscript, please feel free to contact the Proceedings Editorial Office at

For authors who have submitted a paper to IJCARS through the Springer website: 

Please note that your submitted paper to IJCARS is being peer-reviewed, and if accepted, will be published in the International Journal of CARS when this process is completed.

Paper Presentation

Oral presentation time is 15 minutes including approx. 3 minutes for discussion.
For audio-visual support, data projection facilities are available in all lecture halls.


All presenting authors must register for the congress by 3rd March, 2016. Only one person  per presentation can register at the special registration fee of Euro 450. 


If you have any questions, please send them to fschweikert(at)

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