8th International Conference on Information Processing in
Computer-Assisted Interventions (IPCAI)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

11:25 Short Presentations Session II: Ultrasound-guided Interventional Applications

Chair: Elvis Chen, PhD (CDN)

Adaptive Learning from RF to B-mode Ultrasound Data for Prostate Cancer Detection
S. Azizi, P. Mousavi, P. Yan, A. Tahmasebi, J. Tae Kawk, Sheng Xu, B. Turkbey, P. Choyke, P. Pinto, B. Wood, P. Abolmaesumi, University of British Columbia; Queen’s University (CDN); Philip Research; National Institute of Health (USA), Sejong University (ROK) [154]

First clinical use of the EchoTrack guidance approach for radiofrequency ablation of thyroid gland nodules
A. Franz, A. Seitel, N. Bopp, C. Erbelding, S. Delorme, D. Cheray, F. Grünwald, H. Korkusuz, L. Maier-Hein, German Cancer Research Center; University Hospital Frankfurt (D) [186]

Robust Motion Tracking in Liver from 2D Ultrasound Images Using Supporters
E. Ozkan, C. Tanner, M. Kastelic, O. Mattausch, M. Makhinya, O. Goksel, ETH Zurich (CH) [128]

Enhancement of Bone Shadow Region Using Ultrasound Transmission Maps
I. Hacihaliloglu, Rutgers University (USA) [160]

Geometric Modeling of Hepatic Arteries in 3D Ultrasound with Unsupervised MRA Fusion during Liver Interventions
M. Gerard, F. Michaud, A. Bigot, A. Tang, G. Soulez, S. Kadoury, Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, Université de Montréal (CDN) [126]

Model-based Registration of Preprocedure MR and Intraprocedure US
D. Behnami, A. Sedghi, E. M. Abu Anas, A. Rasoulian, A. Seitel, V. Lessoway, T. Ungi, D. Yen, J. Osborn, P. Mousavi, R. Rohling, P. Abolmaesumi, University of British Columbia; Queen’s University; Kingston General Hospital (CDN) [146]