8th International Conference on Information Processing in
Computer-Assisted Interventions (IPCAI)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

12:05 Short Presentations Session III: Intra-operative Robotic Systems and Applications

Chair: Su-Lin Lee, PhD (UK)

Force Assisted Ultrasound Imaging System through Dual Force Sensing and Admittance Robot Control
T.-Y. Fang, H. Zhang, R. Finocchi, R. Taylor, E. Boctor, Johns Hopkins University (USA) [152]

Hand-eye calibration for surgical cameras -- A Procrustean Perspective-n-Point solution
I. Morgan, U. Jayarathne, A. Rankin, T. M. Peters, E. C.S. Chen, University of Waterloo; Western University; Robarts Research Institute (CDN) [198]

Acoustic Window Planning for Ultrasound Acquisition
R. Göbl, S. Virga, J. Rackerseder, B. Frisch, N. Navab, C. Hennersperger, Technical University of Munich (D)[129]

Evaluation of a novel multi-articulated endoscope: proof of concept through a virtual simulation
T. Karvonen, Y. Muranishi, G. Yamamoto, T. Kuroda, T. Sato, Kyoto University; Kyoto University Hospital (J) [205]

On the Reproducibility of Expert-Operated and Robotic Ultrasound Acquisitions
R. Kojcev, A. Khakzar, B. Fuerst, O. Zettinig, C. Fakhry, B. De Jong, J. Richmon, R. Taylor, E. Sinibaldi, Nassir Navab, Johns Hopkins University; Harvard University (USA); Technical University of Munich (D); Italian Institute of Technology (I) [177]

A Gaze-Contingent Framework for Human-Robot Collaboration in the Operating Theatre
A. Kogkas, A. Darzi, G. Mylonas, Imperial College London (UK) [209]


12:45 Lunch Break