8th International Conference on Information Processing in
Computer-Assisted Interventions (IPCAI)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

16:40 Short Presentations Session VI: Intra-operative Navigation, Registration and Tracking

Chair: Miguel Angel Gonzalez Ballester, PhD (E)

Can Real-Time RGBD Enhance Intraoperative Cone-Beam CT?
J. Fotouhi, B. Fuerst, W. Wein, Nassir Navab, ImFusion; Johns Hopkins University (USA) [127]

Electromagnetically Tracked Personalized Templates for Surgical Navigation
R. Ellis, A. Dickinson, M. Zec, D. Pichora, B. Rasquinha, Queen’s University; Kingston General Hospital (CDN) [136]

Anser EMT: The first open-source electromagnetic tracking platform for image-guided interventions
H. A. Jaeger, A. Franz, K. O'Donoghue, A. Seitel, F. Trauzettel, L. Maier-Hein, P. Cantillon-Murphy, University College Cork (IRL); German Cancer Research Center (D) [182]Coffee: The Key to Safer

Image-Guided Surgery
P. Wellborn, N. Dillon, P. Russell, R. Webster III, Vanderbilt University (USA) [210]

Contact-less stylus for surgical navigation -- registration without digitization
E. C.S. Chen, B. Ma, T. M. Peters, Robarts Research Institute; York University (CDN) [116]

Pose-Aware C-Arm for Automatic Re-Initialization of Interventional 2D/3D Image Registration
J. Fotouhi, B. Fuerst, A. Johnson, R. Taylor, G. Osgood, N. Navab, M. Armand, Johns Hopkins University (USA) [175]