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CARS 1985–2007

CARS – Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery – International Congress and Exhibition

CARS 2007Berlin, Germany
CARS 2006Osaka, Japan
CARS 2005Berlin, Germany
CARS 2004 Chicago, U.S.A.
CARS 2003London, United Kingdom
CARS 2002Paris, France
CARS 2001Berlin, Germany
CARS 2000San Francisco, U.S.A.
CARS '99Paris, France
CAR '98Tokyo, Japan
CAR '97Berlin, Germany
CAR '96Paris, France
CAR '95Berlin, Germany
CAR '93  Berlin, Germany
CAR '91Berlin, Germany
CAR '89Berlin, Germany
CAR '87 Berlin, Germany
CAR '85Berlin, Germany
  • CARS
    Computer Assisted Radiology
    29th International Congress and Exhibition
    19th Annual Conference
    of the International Society for Computer Aided Surgery
  • EuSoMII
    33rd International EuSoMII Meeting
  • CAD
    17th International Workshop on Computer-Aided Diagnosis
  • CMI
    21st Computed Maxillofacial Imaging Congress
  • MMVR
    1st MMVR / IFCARS Joint Conference on Human Machine Interface