Important Notes:

CARS thanks all attendees for their contribution towards a successful CARS 2014 and invites you to attend CARS 2015, June 24-27 in Barcelona

Special Session on Abdominal CAD - ACADSpecial Session on Abdominal CAD - ACAD

16th  International Workshop 
on Computer-Aided Diagnosis

Chairman: Kunio Doi, PhD  (USA)
Co-chair: Ulrich Bick, MD (D)

8:00 | Special Session on Abdominal CAD - ACAD
Thursday, June 26, 2014; Room 410

Session Chairs:
Hiroyuki Yoshida, PhD (USA), Kunio Doi, PhD (USA)

8:00 Computer-aided detection and characterization of preoperative abdominal aortic aneurysm
Invited Speaker: Jamshid Dehmeshki, Kingston Univ. (UK)

8:30 Abdominal organ recognition from CT images and clinical applications:  abdominal CAD, CAS and 3D printing
Invited Speaker: K. Mori, PhD, Nagoya Univ. (J)

9:00 Break

9:15 An automated method for connecting separated luminal regions of intestine segmented from CT volumes
M. Oda, K. Mori, Nagoya Univ., T. Kitasaka, Aichi Inst. of Technology, Toyota, K. Furukawa, O. Watanabe, T. Ando, Y. Hirooka, H. Goto, Nagoya Univ. Graduate School of Medicine (J)

9:30 A method for automated detection of lymph nodes from contrasted chest CT images using modified radial structure tensor
T. Kitasaka, Aichi Inst. of Technology, Toyota, H. Oda, M. Oda, K. Mori, S. Iwano, Nagoya Univ., H. Honma, M. Mori, Sapporo Kosei Hosp., Sapporo, H. Takabatake, Sapporo Minami-sanjo Hosp., H. Natori, Keiwakai Nishioka Hosp., Sapporo (J)

9:45 A study on feature analysis in false positive reduction process of automated abdominal lymph node detection method
K. Mori, Y. Nakamura, K. Furukawa, H. Goto, M. Fujiwara, Nagoya Univ., T. Kitasaka, S. Mizuno, Univ. of Toyota, K. Misawa, Aichi Cancer Center Hosp., Nagoya, M. Ito, National Cancer Center Hosp. East, Kashiwa, S. Nawano, International Univ. of Health and Welfare Mita Hosp., Tokyo (J)

10:00 False positive reduction based on SVM using intensity and texture information for automatic abdominal lymph node segmentation
Y. Nimura, Y. Nakamura, Y. Hayashi, K. Mori, K. Furukawa, Nagoya Univ., T. Kitasaka, Aichi Inst. of Technology, Toyota, K. Misawa, Aichi Cancer Center Hosp., Nagoya (J)

10:15 Development of CAD scheme for detection of swelling lymph nodes of colon cancer on virtual colonoscopic fluorography
M. Sato, T. Ogura, N. Hayashi, Y. Yasumoto, S. Tsutsumi, M. Okajima, K. Doi, Gunma Prefectural College of Health Sciences (J)

10:30 A development of lesion recognition system for gastrointestinal system using virtual spectrum
M.-L. Wang, J.-J. Wu, IRCAD-Taiwan, S.-L. Yan, Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hosp., Changhua, J.-L. Su, X.-C. Chang, Chung Yuan Christian Univ., Chung Li City (RC), M. Jacques, IRCAD-France, Strasbourg (F)

10:45 Break