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Deep Learning & Abdominal CADDeep Learning & Abdominal CAD

18th  International Workshop 
on Computer-Aided Diagnosis

Chairman: Hiroyuki Yoshida, PhD (USA)

Thursday, June 23, 2016 | Kammermusiksaal
8:00 | Deep Learning & Abdominal CAD

Session Chairs:
Hiroyuki Yoshida, PhD (USA), Martin Fiebich, PhD (D)

Deep learning for computer-aided detection of polyps in CT colonography
Invited Speaker: Janne Näppi, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA (USA)

Comparative evaluation of deep convolutional neural networks in the improvement of the performance of CAD of polyps in CT colonography
A. Oka, J. Näppi, T. Hironaka, D. Regge, H. Kawahira, H. Yoshida
Chiba University, Chiba (J)

Radiomic machine learning of electronic cleansing for ultra-low-dose dual-energy CT colonography
R. Tachibana, J. J. Näppi, J. Ota, D. Regge, T. Hironaka, H. Yoshida
National Institute of Technology, Suo-Oshima (J)

Information-preserving dual-energy image correction for improving radiomic detection of colorectal lesions in CT colonography
J. Näppi, S. H. Kim, H. Yoshida
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA (USA)

Heterogeneity Analysis of Prostate Peripheral Zone Lesions in 3.0 Tesla T2-weighted Magnetic Resonance Images
G. Samarasinghe, A. Sowmya, D.A. Moses
University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW (AUS)

9:30 Break