Important Notes:

CARS thanks all attendees for their contribution towards a successful CARS 2014 and invites you to attend CARS 2015, June 24-27 in Barcelona

Special Session on Breast CAD - BCADSpecial Session on Breast CAD - BCAD

16th  International Workshop 
on Computer-Aided Diagnosis

Chairman: Kunio Doi, PhD  (USA)
Co-chair: Ulrich Bick, MD (D)

16:00 | Special Session on Breast CAD - BCAD
Thursday, June 26, 2014; Room 410

Session Chairs:
Hiroshi Fujita, PhD (J), Chisako Muramatsu, PhD (J)

16:00 Similar images for diagnostic aid: subjective similarity, computerized techniques, and clinical utility
Invited Speaker: C. Muramatsu, Gifu Univ. (J)

16:30 Semivariogram analysis and spherical modeling to detect structural bilateral asymmetry in mammograms
P. Casti, A. Mencattini, M. Salmeri, Univ. of Rome Tor Vergata (I), R.M. Rangayyan, Univ. of Calgary, AB (CDN)

16:45 Improving the radiologist-CAD interaction: designing for appropriate trust
W. Jorritsma, F. Cnossen, P. Van Ooijen, Univ. of Groningen (NL)

17:00 Tumor detection in automated whole breast ultrasound using topographic watershed
R.-F. Chang, C.-M. Lo, R.-T. Chen, C.-S. Huang, Y.-W. Yang, Y.-C. Chang, M.-J. Hung, National Taiwan Univ., Taipei (RC)

17:15 Preliminary study on the automated analysis of mammary glands in breast MR images using
three-dimensional Gabor filter

A. Teramoto, M. Shibasaki, R. Yoshikawa, C. Murata, Fujita Health Univ., Toyoake, H. Fujita, Gifu Univ., S. Miyajyo, K. Ozaki, O. Yamamuro, K. Ohmi, M. Nishio, Nagoya Radiological Diagnosis Foundation (J)

17:30 End of Session