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Important Notes:

CARS thanks all attendees for their contribution towards a successful CARS 2015 and invites you to attend CARS 2016, June 22-25 in Heidelberg

CAR-IPD Poster No.: 172-209CAR-IPD Poster No.: 172-209



CAR-IPD Poster No.: 172 – 209
Poster Session Hours: Saturday, June 28, 2008  09:00 – 18:00
Presentation: 15:15 – 15:45

172 Myocardium tracking via matching distributions
S. Li, I. Ben Ayed, General Electric, I. Ross, London Health Sciences Centre, A. Islam, St. Joseph's Healthcare, London, Ontario (CDN)

173 Reducing the semantic gap in content-based image retrieval in mammography with relevance feedback and inclusion of expert knowledge
P.M. de Azevedo-Marques, N.A. Rosa, A.J. Traina, C. Traina Jr., S.K. Kinoshita, Univ. of Sao Paulo, Ribeirao Preto (BR), R.M. Rangayyan, Univ. of Calgary (CDN)

174 Self-calibration of a biplanar radiographic system for clinical 3D assessment of the scoliotic spine
S. Kadoury, F. Cheriet, Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal, H. Labelle, Sainte-Justine Hosp., Montreal, Quebec (CDN)

175 An iterative Bayesian approach to liver segmentation: algorithm and clinical validation study
L. Joskowicz, M. Freiman, O. Eliassaf, Y. Taieb, The Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem, Y. Azraq, J. Sosna, Hadassah-Hebrew Univ. Medical Center, Jerusalem (IL)

176 Intra- and interrater reliability of a region growing algorithms for quantification of diffuse lung tumor growth using microCT in transgenic mice
T. Rodt, C. von Falck, K. Ringe, H.-O. Shin, M. Galanski, Hannover Medical School, J. Borlak, R. Halter, Fraunhofer Inst. for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine, Hannover (D)

177 Automatic labeling of blood vessels in CT abdominal images by progressive atlas-based registration and region-growing
J. Rohrer, IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, Rueschlikon (CH), L. Gong, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, NY (USA)

178 Haptic guided image registration
P. Risholm, E. Samset, Rikshospitalet Medical Center, Oslo (N)

179 Semi-automatic 3D segmentation toolkit and its application to pelvic organs
G. Bekes, I. Papp, M. Fidrich, GE Hungary ZRt., Szeged, A. Tanács, Univ. of Szeged (H)

180 Fast and robust smoothing of images with speckle-noise using the extended sticks median filter
S. Schlichting, M. Kleemann, H.-P. Bruch, Univ. Hosp. Schleswig-Holstein, Lübeck, C. Wilhelm, L. Ramrath, V. Martens, Univ. of Lübeck (D)

181 Fully automated 3D segmentation of liver
M. Athelogou, G. Schmidt, G. Binnig, Definiens AG, Munich (D)

182 The expectation-maximization algorithm for a twofold Gaussian mixture model applied to the histogram of the observations
J. Bruijns, Philips Research Europe, Eindhoven (NL)

183 Abdomen standardization for multiple organ segmentation of CT volumes
A. Shimizu, M. Kubo, D. Furukawa, H. Kobatake, Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology, S. Nawano, Tokyo Univ. Hosp. (J)

184 Noise evaluation of medical liquid crystal display for digital mammography including X-ray quantum mottle
N. Fujita, A. Yamazaki, Y. Kodera, Nagoya Univ., Y. Nishimura, Osaki Citizen Hosp., K. Ichikawa, Kanazawa Univ. (J)

185 Lung nodule CAD integrated with PACS and eAtlas
E. Pietka, P. Badura, Silesian Univ. of Technology, Gliwice (PL)

186 A novel algorithm for automated segmentation of pleural effusions in MDCT datasets
C. von Falck, B. King, S. Meyer, M. Galanski, H.-O. Shin, Hannover Medical School (D)

187 Robust real-time 3D respiratory motion detection using time-of-flight cameras
J. Penne, C. Schaller, J. Hornegger, Univ. of Erlangen-Nuremberg (D)

188 Automated segmentation method for spinal column based on parametric model and its application for curved MPR display
S. Hanaoka, Y. Masutani, Y. Nomura, M. Nemoto, N. Yoshioka, T. Yoshikawa, E. Maeda, N. Hayashi, K. Ohtomo, The Univ. of Tokyo Hosp. (J)

189 Extraction and analysis of patient-specific hepatic anatomy from MR images
I. Macia, D. Wald, C. Paloc, VICOMTech, San Sebastian (E)

190 Anatomical feature extraction in 3D B-mode ultrasound liver images for CT-ultrasound image registration
J.B. Ra, W.H. Nam, D.G. Kang, D. Lee, Korea Advanced Inst. of Science & Technolgoy (KAIST), Daejeon (ROK)

191 Quantitative evaluation of intensity inhomogeneity correction algorithms for multiple sclerosis
D. Garcia-Lorenzo, S. Prima, S.P. Morrissey, C. Barillot, CNRS, J.-C. Ferré, J.-Y. Gauvrit, Univ. Hosp. Pontchaillou, Rennes (F), L. Parkes, N. Roberts, Univ. of Liverpool (UK)

192 3D visualization of vascular structures around liver tumors using fuzzy clustering
M. Schwier, V. Dicken, H.-O. Peitgen, MeVis Research GmbH, Bremen (D)

193 Automatic method to segment the liver on multi-phase MRI
C. Platero, P. González, M.C. Tobar, J. Sanguino, G. Asensio, J.M. Poncela, Technical Univ. of Madrid, E. Santos, San Carlos Clinic, Madrid (E) 

194 Tracking of respiratory motion in fluoroscopic images applied to interventional oncology procedures
J. Pescatore, M.-C. Vanegas Orozco, S.T. Gorges, GE Healthcare, Buc (F)

195 Service oriented architecture for medical image processing
M.-F. Vaida, V. Todica, M. Cremene, Technical Univ. of Cluj-Napoca (RO)

196 Impact of using diffeomorphic vs. non-diffeomorphic demons registration on generating shape and appearance models
B. Schuler, K.D. Fritscher, R. Schubert, Univ. for Health Sciences, Hall (A)

197 Consistency analysis of parametric registration in serial MR imaging studies of tumour disease progression
A. Mang, T.M. Buzug, Univ. of Lübeck (D), J.A. Schnabel, Univ. of Oxford, W.R. Crum, O. Camara-Rey, Centre for NeuroImaging Sciences, London, D.J. Hawkes, Univ. College London (UK)

198 Wavelet analysis of 4D motor task fMRI data
M. Barnathan, R. Li,V. Megalooikonomou, F. Mohamed, S. Faro, Temple Univ., Philadelphia, PA (USA)

199 Texture quantification of medical images using a novel complex space-frequency transform
S. Drabycz, J.R. Mitchell, Univ. of Calgary (CDN)

200 Realtime image recognition of body parts scanned in computed tomography datasets
V. Dicken, B. Lindow, L. Bornemann, J. Drexl, A. Nikoubashman, H.-O. Peitgen, MeVis Research GmbH, Bremen (D)

201 The influence of age and BMI on intervertebral disc height and oropharyngeal airway in Japanese men and women
Y. Shigeta, R. Enciso, J. Venturin, G.T. Clark, Univ. of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA (USA), T. Ogawa, Tsurumi Univ., Yokohama (J)

202 Local analysis of the femoral bone in X-ray images using InShape models
K.D. Fritscher, M. Hänni, N. Suhm, C. Hengg, T. Roth, F. Kamelger, R. Schubert, Univ. for Health Sciences, Hall (A)

203 A method to analyze malignant gliomas evolution in MRI
M.I. Iacono, L. Mainardi, K. Passera, Politechnical Univ. of  Milan, L. Magrassi, Univ. of Pavia, S. Bastianello, IRCCS Mondino, P. Lago, Policlinico San Matteo, Pavia (I)

204 Atlas-based segmentation of brain structures in temporal lobe epilepsy using optimized Voxel-based morphometry
M. Shaker, H. Soltanian-Zadeh, Univ. of Tehran (IR)

205 An analysis of co-occurrence and Gabor texture classification in 2D and 3D
C. Philips, J. Furst, D. Raicu, DePaul Univ., Chicago, IL, D. Li, Johns Hopkins Univ. Baltimore, MD (USA)

206 Evaluation of generalized correlation ratio similarity metric for rigid registration of US/MR images of the liver
S. Milko, Univ. of Oslo (N), R.A. McLaughlin, The Univ. of Western Australia, Crawley, WA (AUS)

207 Analysis of textural features present in Computerized Tomography (CT) of patients with acute ischemic stroke
M. Oliveira, P. Fernandes, G. Castellano, L. Min, S. Marques, Univ. Estadual of Campinas (BR)

208 Bayesian approach to impulsive noise removal in digital radiography
N.A. Borghese, I. Frosio, S. Abati, Univ. of Milan (I)

209 Automatic segmentation of calcified plaques in intravascular ultrasound images based on vessel artery border detection using a modified deformable model
A. Taki, N. Navab, Technical Univ., A. König, Univ. Hosp., Munich (D), Z. Najafi, A. Roodaki, A. Soltanzadi, S.K. Setarehdan, Univ. of Tehran (IR)