Important Notes:

CARS thanks all attendees for their contribution towards a successful CARS 2015 and invites you to attend CARS 2016, June 22-25 in Heidelberg

Medical ImagingMedical Imaging

Computer Assisted Radiology 
29th International Congress and Exhibition

Chairman: Luis Donoso Bach, MD (E)
Co-Chair: Kiyonari Inamura, PhD (J)

8:30 | Medical Imaging
Thursday, June 25, 2015; Room Berlin

Session Chairs:
Davide Caramella, MD (I), Petia Radeva, PhD (E)

8:30 A new digital subtraction angiography for coronary artery by using density difference dependent mask image
M. Yamamoto, Y. Okura, Hiroshima International Univ.(J)

8:45 Automated respiratory phase classification for generating of respiration synchronized DSA using random forest
T. Ohnishi, Y. Takano, T. Okamoto, H. Haneishi, Chiba Univ., H. Kato, Y. Ooka, Chiba Univ. Hosp. (J), N. Navab, Technical Univ. of Munich (D)

9:00 High-quality soft-tissue brain imaging with cone-beam CT for point-of-care evaluation of traumatic brain injury
A. Sisniega, W. Zbijewski, J. Xu, H. Dang, J.W. Stayman, N. Aygun, V.E. Koliatsos, J.H. Siewerdsen, Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, MD, X. Wang, D.H. Foos, Carestream Health, Baltimore, MD (USA)

9:15 Studies of CT system performances using visual grading scaling: a methodological comparison among visual grading characteristics, ordinal regression and logistic psychometric functions
X. Zheng, T.M. Kim, Charles Sturt Univ., Wagga Wagga (AUS), S. Yang, Chonam National Univ., Gwangju, Y. Kim, Gwangju Health Univ. (ROK)

9:30 3D MRI/CT non-rigid registration for image-guided prostate brachytherapy
I. Hamdan, G. Dardenne, IRT b-com, Cesson-Sévigné, J. Bert, D. Visvikis INSERM UMR 1101, C. Hamitouche-Djabou, Inst. Mines - Télécom, Brest (F)

9:45 Imaging yttrium-90 PET using a next generation digital detector time-of-flight PET/CT system: Can we radically image faster?
J. Zhang, C.L. Wright, K. Binzel, M.I. Knopp, M.V. Knopp, E.J. Wuthrick, The Ohio State Univ., Columbus, OH, P.J. Maniawski, Philips Healthcare, Cleveland, OH (USA)

10:00 Break

Session Chairs:
Hans Ringertz, MD (S), Maurizio Bordone (E)

10:15 Towards unsupervised image-based tracking of liver features in 2-D ultrasound sequences
M.E. Karar, Menoufia Univ., Minuf (ET)

10:30 Shading correction for endoscopic images using principle color components
T. Bergen, T. Wittenberg, C. Münzenmayer, Fraunhofer-Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen IIS, Erlangen (D)

10:45 Robot-assisted mirror ultrasound scanning for deep venous thrombosis using depth image: a preliminary tracking study
B. Meng, L. Chen, A. Chen, S. Billings, F. Aalamifar, R.H. Taylor, E. Boctor, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD (USA)

11:00 Robot-assisted automatic ultrasound calibration
F. Aalamifar, A. Cheng, X. Guo, H.K. Zhang, E.M. Boctor, John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD (USA)

11:15 Reconstructed-based super resolution method for virtual slide based on glass slide with image sensor
Y. Sawada, T. Sato, H. Motomura, Panasonic Corporation, Kyoto (J)

11:30 Feasibility of 3D structure sensing for accurate assessment of chronic wound dimensions
K. Cleary, K.L. Wu, E. Wilson, P. Cheng, P.C. Kim, O. Guler, Children's National Health System, K. Maselli, A. Howell, D. Gerber, MedStar Georgetown Univ. Hosp., Washington, DC (USA)

11:45 Break