CARS – Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery

13:30 | JICARS - Japanese Institutes of CARS
Wednesday, June 26, 2013; Sebastian-Münster-Saal

Takeyoshi Dohi, PhD (J), Kunio Doi, PhD (USA), Kiyonari Inamura, PhD (J)

Computational Anatomy in Asia

Session Chairs:
Hiroshi Fujita, PhD (J)
Yoshinobu Sato, PhD (J)

13:30 A study of 3D reconstruction and virtual surgery technique on Chinese hepatopancreatobiliary disease
Invited Speaker:
C. Fang, S. Zhong, Southern Medical Univ., Guangzhou (CHN)

13:45 Visible Korean, challenged by the computational anatomy
D.S. Shin, M.S. Chung, Ajou Univ. School of Medicine, Suwon (ROK)

14:00 Computational anatomy for multi-organ segmentation and clinical decision support
Y. Sato, Osaka Univ.(J)

14:15 Anatomical landmarks as knowledge primitives for clinical image understanding
Y. Masutani, The Univ. of Tokyo (J)

14:30 Automated anatomical labeling of tubular structures in human body
K. Mori, Nagoya Univ. (J)

14:45 Computational anatomy for autopsy imaging and liver segmentation of a cadaver
A. Shimizu, Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology (J)

15:00 Clinical development of computational anatomy for living and autopsy imaging
S. Kido, Yamaguchi Univ., Ube (J)

15:15 Break

15:30 | CAD in Asia and Oceania
Wednesday, June 26, 2013; Sebastian-Münster-Saal

Session Chair:
Hiroshi Fujita, PhD (J)

15:30 Human pulmonary acinar analysis through 3D SRμCT images
N. Niki, Univ. of Tokushima (J)

15:45 Brain and stroke atlases in stroke education, diagnosis and outcome prediction
W.L. Nowinski, V. Gupta, B.C. Chua, G.Y. Qian, J. He, L.E. Poh, I. Volkau, R. Kazmierski, ASTR, Singapore (SGP)

16:00 Breast cancer risk based on texture in screening mammograms
M.J. Bottema, S. Williams and X. Li, Flinders Univ., Adelaide, SA (AUS)

16:15 Fully automated breast density estimation in digital mammograms by incorporating population based tissue probability map into Chan-Vese level set
J.H. Kim, Seoul National Univ. (ROK)

16:30 Computer-aided diagnosis systems for elastography and automated breast ultrasound R.-F. Chang, National Taiwan Univ., Taipei (RC)

16:45 | Recent Progress on Medical Informatics in Japan
Wednesday, June 26, 2013; Sebastian-Münster-Saal

Session Chair:
Hiroshi Kondoh, MD (J)

16:45 Present situation of development of EPR and PACS applying cloud technology
H. Kondoh, Tottori Univ. Hosp., Yonago (J)

17:00 Present situation of the improvement of clinical workflow in teleconference using open source software
K. Ito, Kyoto Prefectural Univ. of Medicine (J)

17:15 Presenr situation of image-retrieval technology using clinical database of lung CT images
K. Kozuka, Panasonic Corporation, Kyoto (J)

17:30 End of Session