Clinical Day

Chairmen: Leonard Berliner, MD (USA), Kevin Cleary, PhD (USA)


15:45 Interventional Oncology – IO
Wednesday, June 25, 2008; Room Berlin

Session Chair:
Leonard Berliner, MD (USA)

15:45 Thermal ablation system using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and guided by MRI
C. Damianou, N. Milonas, V. HadjiSavas, A. Couppis, D. Iosif,
Frederick Inst. of Technology,
K. Ioannides, Politechnical Hosp. Ygia, Limassol (CY)

16:00 Automatic registration of intraoperative 3D XA to preoperative CTA: a new method and application to liver embolizations
N. Subramanian, GE Global Research, Bangalore (IND), E. Pichon, GE Medical Systems, Buc (F)

16:15 Software-assisted monitoring of MR-guided radio frequency ablation of large liver malignancies
A. Weihusen, O. Konrad, H.-O. Peitgen, MeVis Research GmbH, Bremen, D. Schmidt, S. Clasen, H.-J. Rempp,
P.L. Pereira,
Univ. Hosp. of Tübingen (D)

16:30 Acoustic characterization for a multi-modal breast cancer diagnosis and ablation system
K. Yan, Y. Hu, T. Podder, Y. Yu, Thomas Jefferson Univ., Philadelphia, PA, B. Winey, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA,
L. Liao, Cooper Univ. Hosp., New Brunswick, NY, K. Parker, Univ. of Rochester (USA)

16:45 Introduction to tumor ablation therapies and technologies
Invited Speaker: P. Morrison, Brigham and Women's Hosp., Boston, MA (USA)

17:00 Hepatic malignancies: navigation and future technical needs for tumor ablation
Invited Speaker: P. Banovac, Georgetown Univ. Medical Center, Washington, DC (USA)

17:15 Lung malignancies: applications, outcomes and future technical needs for tumor ablation
Invited Speaker: E. vanSonnenberg, St. Joseph's Hosp. and Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ (USA)

17:30 Lung malignancies: interventional pulmonology
Invited Speaker:
A. Sung, New York Methodist Hosp., Brooklyn, NY (USA)

17:45 Discussion

18:00 End of Session