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ISCAS / IFCARS Joint Session on Image Processing Methods and AssessmentISCAS / IFCARS Joint Session on Image Processing Methods and Assessment

18th Annual Conference of the
International Society for Computer Aided Surgery

President: Makoto Hashizume, MD, PhD, FACS (J)

14:00 | ISCAS / IFCARS Joint Session
on Image Processing Methods and Assessment
Wednesday, June 25, 2014; Room 410

Session Chairs:
Ichiro Sakuma, PhD (J), Yoshinobu Sato, PhD (J)

14:00 An analysis of tracking error in image guided neurosurgery
I. Gerard, McGill Univ., Montréal, QC (CDN)

14:15 Accuracies of a new fluoroscopy-based technique for intraoperative registration of the anterior pelvic plane
S. Amiri, D.R. Wilson, B.A. Masri, K. Tse, Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, C. Anglin, Univ. of Calgary, AB (CDN)

14:30 On cardiac ablation modeling: tissue damage characterization, lesion assessment and visualization for image-guided therapy
C. Linte, Rochester Inst. of Technology (USA), J. Camp, M. Rettmann, R. Robb, D. Holmes, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN (USA)

14:45 Intraoperative surgical margin assessment for robot assisted radical prostatectomy
S. Khan, A. Hartov, J. Seigne, R. Halter, Dartmouth College, Hanover (USA)

15:00 Efficient tissue discrimination during surgical interventions using hyperspectral imaging
D. Nouri, Y. Lucas, S. Treuillet, Universite´ d´Orlèans, Bourges (F)

15:15 Contrast enhancement between vasculature and placenta using narrow band images for TTTS surgery
A. Kubota, L. Yang, J. Wang, T. Ando, I. Sakuma, E. Kobayashi, The Univ. of Tokyo, H. Yamashita, T. Chiba, National Center for Child Health and Development, Tokyo (J)

15:30 Reconstruction of the orbit after trauma
A. Baumann, G. Dorner, Medical Univ. Vienna (A)

15:45 Intraoperative segmentation of cylindrical implants in cone beam CT image data
J. Görres, M. Brehler, H.-P. Meinzer, D. Nabers, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, J. Franke, S.Y. Vetter, P.A. Grützner, BG Trauma Center, Ludwigshafen, K. Barth, Siemens AG, Erlangen, I. Wolf, Mannheim Univ. of Applied Sciences (D), A. Córdova, Clínica Alemana de Santiago (RCH)

16:00 End of Session