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CAD Poster

Poster Presentation Time
June 25 (Thu), 15:30 – 16:00, Room Estocolmo

133 A lung CAD algorithm for the detection of lung cancer on chest radiographs in the galician health service
J.J. Suárez-Cuenca, M. Souto, Univ. of Santiago de Compostela (E)

134 Automated mass classification in CADx mammography scheme using density parameters
B.R.N. Matheus, S. Gonçalves, H. Schiabel, Univ. of São Paulo, São Carlos (BR)

135 Computer-aided breast tumor diagnosis of multiple populations using multi-resolution and orientation texture analysis
C. Lo, H. Chen, I. Chen, R. Chang, National Taiwan Univ., C. Huang, National Taiwan Univ. Hosp. and College of Medicine, Taipei (RC), W.K. Moon, Seoul National Univ. Hosp. (ROK),

136 Computer-aided diagnosis of different rotator cuff lesions using shoulder musculoskeletal ultrasound
C. Lee, R. Chang, C. Lo, National Taiwan Univ., Taipei (RC)

137 Bleeding classification on wireless capsule endoscopy images using deep convolutional neural network
R. Shahril, S. Baharun, A.K.M.M. Islam, Univ. Teknologi, Kuala Lumpur (MAL), A. Saito, A. Shimizu, Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology (J)

138 Left-right skeletal comparison method using chest CT images for measuring the volume of rib primary bone tumors
R. Kobayashi, H. Takeo, Kanagawa Inst. of Technology, Atsugi, Y. Nagai, National Cancer Center Hosp., Tokyo (J)

139 Content-based image retrieval as a method for melanoma diagnosis
V. Liauchuk, V. Kovalev, United Inst. of Informatics, V. Barkaline, U. Lazouski, Belarusian National Technical Univ., Minsk (BY)

140 Automatic detection algorithm of microcalcification clusters in digital breast tomosynthesis using the multi-scale hessian-based analysis
S.-H. Chae, J. Jeong, S. Lee, ETRI, Daejeon, E.Y. Chae, H.H. Kim, Asan Medical Center, Seoul, Y. Choi, KERI, Ansan (ROK)

141 Big data based computer-aided diagnosis of breast ultrasonography using support vector machine and fourier descriptor
J. Lee, Keimyung Univ., Daegu (ROK)