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Deadline for Abstract/Paper Submission:
January 12, 2016
(PST time)

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    100 A Hough transform-based automatic mass detection algorithm on three-dimensional ultrasound images for the breast cancer screening
    J.-W. Jeong, S. Lee, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Inst., Daejeon, D. Yu, INFINITT Healthcare Co., Seoul (ROK)

    101 Three-dimensional segmentation for breast tumour
    Y.-L. Huang, W. Chang, W.-T. Lin, Tunghai Univ., Taichung, H.-K. Wu, D.-R. Chen, Changhua Christian Hosp. Changhua (RC)

    102 Separation measurement of pleural fluid and compressive atelectasis regions from chest CT image
    K. Abe, Y. Donomae, H. Takeo, Kanagawa Inst. of Technology, Atsugi, Y. Kuroki, Tochigi Cancer Center, Utsunomiya, Y. Nagai, National Cancer Center, Tokyo (J)

    103 New advanced computer-aided diagnosis system to screen osteoporosis using dental panoramic radiographs
    T. Nakamoto, Hiroshima Univ. Hosp, Z. Mahmud Uz, K. Tanimoto, Hiroshima Univ., A. Taguchi, Matsumoto Dental Univ. (J)

    104 Glioma grading using a combination of min-max scaled parameters and automatic segmentation on ADC map
    S. Lee, J. Lee, ETRI, Daejeon, J. Jeong, Advanced Inst. of Science and Technology, Daejeon, S, H. Choi, J.-H. Kim, C.-H. Shon, Seoul National Univ. College of Medicine (ROK)

    105 Computerized detection of lacunar infarcts on MR Images by using template matching based on Kernel principal component analysis
    S. Murakawa, Y. Uchiyama, J. Shiraishi, Kumamoto Univ., A. Tanigawa, C. Muramatsu, T. Hara, H. Fujita, Gifu Univ. (J)

    106 Computerized detection of glaucomatous defect on fundus photography using polarimetric curvature analysis
    Y. Kim, J.H. Kim, Advanced Inst. of Convergence Technology, Suwon (ROK)

    107 Automated microaneurysm detection method based on majority-voting of three detections in retinal fundus images
    Y. Hatanaka, T. Inoue, S. Okumura, K. Ogohara, Univ. of Shiga Prefecture, C. Muramatsu, H. Fujita, Gifu Univ. (J)