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    102 Accuracy of reorientation methods of 3-dimensional surface skull model as natural head position
    H. J. Yang, S. J. Hwang, Seoul National Univ. Dental Hospital, J. J. Han, Chonnam National Univ. Hospital, Gwangju (ROK)

    103 Observation of the bone structures of the maxillary tuberosity and pterygomaxillary suture using cone beam CT images
    R. Asaumi, T. Kawai, I. Sato, Nippon Dental Univ., Tokyo (J)

    104 An Augmented Reality Guidance System for Orthognathic Surgery using a Tablet PC
    S.- J. Lee, S.- Y. Woo, S.- R. Kang, W.- J. Lee, J.- Y. Yoo, W.- J. Yi, Seoul National Univ. (ROK)

    105 The location of the mandibular canal in the posterior mandible of the jaw deformity patients - Observed with pre-surgical MDCT images-
    T. Kawai, Y. Kumazawa, R. Asaumi, M. Mizutani, A. Yamaguchi, T. Yosue, Nippon Dental Univ., Tokyo (J)

    106 Comparison of dual-energy and single-energy CBCTs for assessment of trabecular bone microarchitecture
    S.- R. Kang, S.- J. Lee, S.- Y. Woo, W.- J. Lee, W.- J. Yi, Seoul National Univ. (ROK)

    107 Maxillary surgical template for repositioning of maxillomandibular complex without using an intermediate splint in orthognathic surgery
    S. J. Hwang, J. B. Park, J.J. Han, Seoul National Univ. (ROK)

    108 Anatomical structure analysis of dental caries using optical coherence tomography for medical imaging
    R. E. Wijesinghe, N. H. Cho, K. Park, M. F. Shirazi, M. Jeon, J. Kim, Kyungpook National Univ., Daegu (ROK)