CMI Poster 

Poster Presentation Time
June 26 (Fri), 16:00 – 16:30, Room Estocolmo

142 Automatic hard tissue segmentation and metal artifacts reduction in dental CBCT data
M. Codari, G.M. Tartaglia, C. Sforza, Univ. degli Studi di Milano, M. Caffini, G. Baselli Politecnico di Milano (I)

143 The application of wiki technology in dental e-learning and simulating clinical collaborative team
A.A. Al-Humairi, W.E. Pfitzner, Charles Sturt Univ., Wagga Wagga (AUS)

144 Guided bone cutting using freer-marking technique for intraoral vertical ramus osteotomy
E. Lee, J. Lee , B.C. Kim, Wonkwang Univ. College of Dentistry, Daejeon, S. Lee, Yonsei Univ., Seoul (ROK)

145 Morphological observation of the anterior mandible by using three-dimensional CT images
R. Asaumi, Y. Kumazawa, T. Kawai, I. Sato, T. Yosue, Nippon Dental Univ., Tokyo, M. Mizutani, A. Yamaguchi, Nippon Dental Univ., Niigata (J)

146 Construction and verification of distributed medical database using resource description framework
Y. Hayakawa, M. Shinoda, M. Hirose, Y. Chiba, Kitami Inst. of Technology (J)

147 Assessment of anisotropic denoiser enhanced cone beam CT for patient dose reduction
P.A. Regulski, J. Zielinski, B.A. Borucki, K.S. Nowinski, Univ. of Warsaw (PL)

148 Model-guided orthognathic surgery system integrated with 3D scanned dentitions
S. Lee, S. Woo, S. Kang, W. Lee, W. Yi, Seoul National Univ. (ROK)

149 Image guided relocation of condylar fragment using hybrid tracking system: a feasibility study
S. Woo, S. Lee, W. Lee, S. Kang, W. Yi, Seoul National Univ. (ROK)

150 Telemedicine application in wisdom teeth surgery. a pilot project
S. Aboul-Hosn Centenero, P. Rodríguez Berart, I. Vila Masana, Hosp. Plato, Barcelona (E)

151 Morphological characteristics of anterior loop of jaw deformity patients with MDCT images
T. Kawai, Y. Kumazawa, R. Asaumi, T. Yosue, Nippon Dental Univ., Tokyo, M. Mizutani, A. Yamaguchi, Nippon Dental Univ., Niigata (J)