ISCAS Poster 

    073 Postoperative dynamics of cerebrospinal fluid expansions volume and treatment implications
    Z. Novak, I. Riha, J. Chrastina, Z. Strmiska, V. Feitova, Faculty Hosp. St. Ann's, Brno (CZ)

    074 Real time capable tactile sensor for brain tissue differentiation
    D. Oliva Uribe, J. Schoukens, Vrije Univ. Brussels (B), R. Stroop, K. Schmieder, Ruhr-Univ. Bochum (D)

    075 Fast and accurate digital localization of stimulation electrodes in a frame-based Parkinson's disease surgical procedure
    F. Schoovaerts, R. Kamouni, T. Leloup, N. Massager, O. De Witte, ULB Erasme Hosp., Brussels (B)

    076 A real-time guidance navigation system of the distance and the directions for the important neurological structures and the tumor margin
    N. Mukae, B. Cho, D. Inoue, Y. Kikkawa, A. Nakamizo, K. Yoshimoto, M. Mizoguchi, M. Hasizume, T. Sasaki, Kyushu Univ., Fukuoka (J)

    077 Automated quantitative fit assessment of tibial nail designs during insertion using 3D computer modelling
    J.P. Amarathunga Arachchige, P. KDV Yarlagadda, B. Schmutz, Queensland Univ. of Technology, Kelvin Grove, QLD, M. Schuetz, Princess Alexandra Hosp., Brisbane, QLD (AUS)

    078 Measuring range of motion by using Microsoft Kinect system for shoulder and elbow joint: a pilot study
    N. Hawi, E. Liodakis, E.M. Suero, C. Krettek, M. Citak, Hannover Medical School, D. Musolli, C. Kleiner, V. Ahlers, Univ. of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hannover (D)

    079 Introduction of collapsible elements for finite element analysis on hip prosthesis design
    H. Mitsui, H. Iguchi, N. Watanabe, M. Nozaki, T. Otsuka, Nagoya City Univ., S. Yamamoto, T. Arachi, Shibaura Inst. of Technology, Tokyo, Y. Takeichi, C. Takikawa, Aichi Medical Univ., H. Motai, Motai Clinic, Tokai (J)

    080 The 3D preoperative planning and component alignment in total knee arthroplasy
    M. Tamaki, T. Miyamoto, Osaka National Hosp., T. Yamazaki, T. Tomita, K. Sugamoto, Osaka Univ. (J)

    081 Diagnostic accuracy of surgeons to identify the elbow axis of rotation
    J. Wiggers, R. Jonges, G. Streekstra, N. Schep, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam (NL)

    082 Optimal three dimensional radius shaft correction osteotomies with patient-specific CT-based templates
    B. König, S. Döbele, A. Schäffler, U. Stöckle, T. Freude, Univ. Hosp. Tübingen (D)

    083 Navigated versus arthroscopic-guided drilling for reconstruction of acromio-clavicular joint injuries: accuracy and feasibility
    B.M. Dirhold, J. Torsten, A. Reichelt, C. Krettek, M. Citak, R. Meller, T. Stübig, Hannover Medical School (D)

    084 A novel concept of intelligent parametric modeling of surgical splint based on clinic empirical assessment in orthognatic surgery
    W. Liu, F. Holzwarth, N. Adolphs, B. Hoffmeister, E. Keeve, Charité - Univ. Medicine Berlin (D)

    085 Intraoperative localization of posterior orbital tumours using a patient-specific instrument guide
    M. Kunz, J. Stewart, J.F. Rudan, V. Kratky, Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ontario (CDN)

    086 Colonoscope tracking method based on line registration using CT images and electromagnetic sensors
    M. Oda, K. Furukawa, K. Mori, Nagoya Univ., T. Kitasaka, Y. Suenaga, Aichi Inst. of Technology, Toyota (J), B. Acar, N. Navab, Technical Univ. Munich (D)

    087 Flexible electro-optical characterization system for endoscopic imagers
    H. Tran, C. Cavallotti, M. Vatteroni, A. Menciassi, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa (I)

    088 A hybrid tracking approach for endoscopic real-time panorama imaging
    T. Bergen, S. Nowack, C. Münzenmayer, T. Wittenberg, Fraunhofer Inst. for Integrated Circuits, Erlangen (D)

    089 Three-dimensional high-definition neuroendoscopic surgery: a controlled comparative study with two-dimensional endoscopy and clinical application
    D. Inoue, K. Yoshimoto, M. Uemura, K. Ohuchida, H. Kenmotsu, M. Tomikawa, T. Sasaki, M. Hashizume, Kyushu Univ., Fukuoka, M. Yoshida, Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd., Tokyo (J)

    090 A minimally invasive registration method using PMP technique for image-guided otologic surgery
    B. Cho, M. Oka, N. Matsumoto, M. Hashizume, Kyushu Univ., Fukuoka (J), H. Lee, Kohyoung Technology Inc., Seoul (ROK)

    091 Surgical navigation system for exact cochleostomy in cochlear implant surgery
    M. Oka, B. Cho, N. Matsumoto, S. Komune, M. Hashizume, Kyushu Univ., Fukuoka (J)

    092 A preoperative planning method for bonebridge implantations using surface distance maps
    W. Wimmer, J. Guignard, N. Gerber, S. Weber, Univ. of Bern, M. Kompis, M. Caversaccio, Univ. Hosp. Bern (CH)

    093 A dual-arm robotic system for sinus surgery
    H.-S. Yoon, B.-J. Yi, J.H. Jeong, Hanyang Univ., Ansan, Y.-S. Chung, Asan Medical Center, Seoul (ROK)

    094 Development of a MRI-compatible tracking system: interference of RFID with MRI
    A. Heinrich, F. Guettler, M. Sonnabend, P. Krauss, J. Guntermann, U. Teichgraeber, Univ. Hosp. Jena (D)

    095 An approach towards the automatic extraction of critical structures from CT-data for endoscopic sinus surgeries
    R. Westphal, C. Last, T. Namueangrak, M. Rilk, F.M. Wahl, Technical Univ. Braunschweig, K.W.G. Eichhorn, F. Bootz, Univ. Hosp. Bonn (D)

    096 Three-dimensional reconstructions in pancreatic necrosis using CT data
    A. Litvin, A. Filatov, D. Khokha, Gomel Regional Clinical Hosp., V. Litvin, Belarusian State Univ., Minsk (BY)

    097 Applying human factors for design of a kidney tumor cryoablation surgical interface
    D.E. Barkana, Yeditepe Univ., M. Ozkan, D. Goksel Duru, Bogazici Univ., Istanbul, A.D. Duru, Istanbul Univ. (TR)

    098 An automatic target tracking system in laparoscopic surgery by direct extraction of forceps motion
    K. Nishio, T. Ishii, K. Kawamura, T. Igarashi, Chiba Univ. (J)

    099 Basic evaluation and clinical significance of 3-dimensional system in laparoscopic surgery
    K. Ohuchida, S. Ieiri, R. Kumashiro, M. Tomikawa, M. Hashizume, Kyushu Univ., Fukuoka (J)

    100 Real-time markerless trocar pose acquisition with RGB-D sensor
    D. Dall'Alba, C. Reghelin, P. Fiorini, Univ. of Verona (I)

    101 Detection of lymphangiectasia in laparoscopic images: a semi-interactive approach
    J.M. Marcinczak, S. Kumar, R.-R. Grigat, Technical Univ. of Hamburg (D)

    102 Monitoring tumor location in navigated laparoscopic liver surgery
    A. Schlaefer, O. Shahin, Univ. of Lübeck, M. Kleemann, Univ. Hosp. Schleswig-Holstein, Lübeck (D)

    103 Liver packing as a viable option in CT-guided stereotactic radiofrequency ablation of anatomical difficult liver tumors
    P. Schullian, G. Widmann, M. Haidu, H. Weiss, R. Bale, Univ. Hosp. Innsbruck (A)

    104 Comparative characteristics of application of rapid prototyping in pediatric maxillofacial surgery
    D. Romanov, Children Hosp. St. Vladimir, Moscow (RUS)

    105 Hydroxyapatite block custom made by CNC machine with 3-D CAD can achieve accurate reconstruction of facial deformity with very small bone defect
    Y. Takeichi, C. Takikawa, K. Yokoo, Aichi Medical Univ., H. Motai, Motai Clinic, Tokai, H. Iguchi, Nagoya City Univ., H. Tada, Wakaba Hosp., Tsu (J)

    106 Monolithically designed minimally invasive surgical tool using compliant mechanism
    J. Arata, S. Kogiso, Nagoya Inst. of Technology (J)

    107 Design of a disposable solid-state bending section for minimally invasive surgery
    G. Horst, T.C. Lueth, H. Ulbrich, Technical Univ. Munich, D.B. Roppenecker, Inst. of Micro Technology and Medical Device Technology, Munich (D)

    108 A semi-automatic operating robotic NOTES system using snake algorithm
    K.G. Kim, D.K. Sohn, S.K. Kim, National Cancer Center, Goyang (ROK)

    109 Transabdominal high intensity focused ultrasound therapy of the prostate and determination of the protective effect of rectal cooling: an experimental study using canine prostate
    J.Y. Cho, D.H. Yoo, S.Y. Kim, S.H. Kim, Seoul National Univ. Hosp. (ROK)

    110 Interactive evaluation of surgery skills through surgical simulators
    C. Monserrat, A. Lucas, J. Hernandez Orallo, M.J. Ruperez, M. Alcaniz, Technical Univ. of Valencia (E)

    111 Intra-articular soft tissues affect hip kinematics
    R. Ellis, S. Zakani, J. Rudan, Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ontario (CDN)

    112 What skills should simulation training in arthroscopy teach residents? A focus on resident input
    Y. Hui, O. Safir, A. Dubrowski, H. Carnahan, Univ. of Toronto, Ontario (CDN)

    113 Simulation of tissue deformation for maxillofacial surgery training based on virtual reality
    X. Chen, F. Wu, C. Wang, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ., J. Qin, P.-A. Heng, The Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong (CHN)

    114 Aspherical morphology of the osteoarthritic hip: two arthritic pathologies
    R. Ellis, B. Rasquinha, BJ. Rudan, G. Wood, Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ontario (CDN)

    115 Toward a new approach to surgical planning
    L. Vezzaro, D. Zerbato, L. Grespan, L. Gasperotti, P. FioriniUniv. of Verona , M. Scandola, Univ. of Rome La Sapienza (I)

    116 Examining the learning curve on a novel haptic simulator for laparoscopic surgical skills
    D. Kwartowitz, R. Singapogu, L. Long, T. Burg, C. Pagano, K. Burg, Clemson Univ., Charleston, SC, D. Smith, Greenville Hosp. System, SC (USA)

    117 A magnetically tracked needle navigation platform
    E. Chen, T. Peters, Robarts Research Inst., D. Bainbridge, Western Univ., London, Ontario (CDN)

    118 A phantom study for the validation of a surgical navigation system based on real-time segmentation and registration methods
    A. Ristolainen, L. Li, Y. Gavshin, Tallinn Univ. of Technology (EE), B.M. Maris, D. Dall'Alba, P. Fiorini, Univ. of Verona (I), A. Barsi, V. Kiran Adhikarla, Holografika Kft, Budapest (H)

    119 Wi-Fi 3D optical tracking system for surgical navigation system
    I. Sato, Y. Fujino, Future Univ. Hakodate, T. Suzuki, Tokyo Women’s Medical Univ., K. Masamune, The Univ. of Tokyo (J)

    120 Novel method for setting up a 3D navigation system with skin-fixed dynamic reference frame in anterior cervical surgery
    S.-H. Jang, H.-Y. Lee, J.Y. Cho, Gangbuk Wooridul Spine Hosp., S.H. Lee, Cheongdam Wooridul Spine Hosp., Seoul (ROK)

    121 Mobile-type locally operated detachable end-effector manipulator for laparoscopic surgery
    T. Kawai, M. Shin, Osaka Inst. of Technology, Y. Horise, Osaka Univ., A. Nishikawa, Shinshu Univ., Ueda, Y. Nishizawa, Kagawa Univ., T. Nakamura, Kyoto Univ. (J)

    122 Case specific error prediction and feedback for the improved safety of image guided autonomous robots for microsurgery
    K. Gavaghan, N. Gerber, T. Williamson, B. Bell, M. Caversaccio, S. Weber, Univ. of Bern (CH)

    123 Development of an Endoscopic Tele-Surgical Robotic System (ETSRS) for brain tumor removal with a safety monitoring method
    J. Jang, S. Shin, H.W. Kim, Y.S. Kim, Hanyang Univ., Seoul, S.Y. Ko, S. Park, J.-O. Park, Chonnam National Univ., Gwangju (ROK)

    124 Design optimization for MRI-compatible robotic catheter using novel four-wire driven approach
    K. Yoshimitsu, J. Jagadeesan, S.-E. Song, N. Hata, Brigham and Women's Hosp., Boston, MA (USA)

    125 Teleoperation system with Haptic feedback for single insicion surgery - concept and system design
    S. Matich, C. Neupert, R. Werthschuetzky, H.F. Schlaak, P.P. Pott, Technical Univ. Darmstadt, A. Kirschniak, Univ. Hosp. Tübingen (D)

    126 Miniaturized force transducer for minimally invasive surgical instrument
    M. Hwang, J.-H. Kim, Korea Research Inst. of Standards and Science (KRISS), D.-S. Kwon, Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Technology (KAIST), Daejeon (ROK)

    127 Experimental evaluation of needle deflection estimation for brachytherapy
    H. Sadjadi, G. Fichtinger, K. Hashtrudi-Zaad, H. Xu, Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ontario (CDN)

    128 A concept for a new working and training culture for CAS research teams
    W. Korb, N. Geissler, Univ. of Applied Sciences, Leipzig, G. Strauss, Innovation Centre Computer Assisted Surgery (ICCAS), Leipzig (D)

    129 A RFID system for automated instrument recognition for a precise identification of the intraoperative workflow
    A. Schneider, E. Schwan, M. Kranzfelder, D. Wilhelm, T. Vogel, H. Feussner, Klinikum rechts der Isar, München (D)

    130 Development of a slim robotic surgery manipulator for arthroplasty
    J. Kim, J. Choi, D. Woo, S. Son, C. Lee, S. Jung, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Seoul, (ROK)

    131 A new surgical procedure using a curved-frame based trans-oral robotic system
    B.-Ju. Yi, K. Tae, Hanyang Univ., Y.-S. Kwon, Koh Young Technology Inc., Seoul (ROK)