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CARS thanks all authors who submitted an extended abstract or paper to CARS 2021. The submissions are now being peer-reviewed. The notification of acceptance is planned to be sent to the authors on 9th February, 2021. If you have not received a notification after this date, please contact us at fschweikert(@)


CARS 2021 Call for Papers

Lecture and poster contributions are invited on the topics of  CAR, CAS, CAD, CMI, DOR, and MCA.

Deadline for Abstract/Paper Submission for CARS 2021 is 11th January 2021, midnight PST time.

To secure a balanced evaluation of all submissions, each abstract/paper will be evaluated by three expert members of the internationally renowned medical/scientific CARS 2021 program committee.

Please submit either:
an extended Abstract (500–1000 words) or
a Paper (original article 3000–5000 words or a short communication 1500-3000 words).
The word limit of a submission is including abstract, references and figure/table captions.


Extended abstracts or papers including new methods, devices, systems and applications, clinical studies, position papers, and poster topics for presentation at the congress are solicited. Submissions will be peer-reviewed by members of the CARS international program committee.

CARS follows a two-tier system:

  1. Extended abstracts
    of accepted lecture and poster presentations (typically containing novel work-in-progress results) will be published in the CARS 2021 Proceedings, Supplement of the International Journal of CARS (IJCARS), which will be made available to all congress participants.
  2. Papers
    Peer-reviewed and after thorough revision accepted paper contributions, original articles typically containing validated results of original R&D work, or short communications typically containing innovative concepts with a prototype-like implementation, will be included in regular or special issues of the International Journal of CARS.

Abstract Submission

>> Online Abstract Submission

To submit an abstract (500-1000 words), please submit your abstract through the Abstract Management System.
Submitting an extended abstract is a multi-step process. Please ensure that

  1. the title is not written in capital letters, except abbreviations and proper nouns,
  2. the abstract text is structured as follows:
    - Purpose
    - Methods
    - Results
    - Conclusion
  3. Figures (max. 1) can be included. Multi-part figures are not allowed.
    Table (max. 1) can be included.
    Figure/table must be cited in the text.
    Figure/table captions must be provided.
  4. If you include references into the appropriate section for "References", maximally 2 references are allowed. The references should be numbered with square brackets and cited in the text accordingly, e.g. [1].
    Reference format: [1] Lastname A, Lastname B (2020) Title. Journal 6(1):1-20
    References should list all co-authors' names, usage of "et al" is not allowed.
  5. Do not include references in the abstract "text", as a “blind” refereeing process is being used.
  6. The names of authors and their affiliations (institutions) will be entered on-line when you submit the abstract. You are also requested to provide full addresses incl. emails of all authors.

Final Abstract for Publication in the CARS Proceedings, Supplement of the International Journal of CARS 

For modifying your submitted and accepted abstract, please login with your login code to the Abstract Management System.

Please do not submit a new abstract, as this would create a new abstract ID which can not be allocated to the accepted abstract!

If you have any technical questions about the submission of your manuscript, please feel free to contact the Proceedings Editorial Office at cars-proceedings(@)

Paper Submission

>> Online Paper Submission

To submit a paper, which can be either an original article (3000-5000 words) or a short communication (1500-3000 words) (including abstract, references and figure/table captions), please submit your manuscript through the Editorial Management System (Springer) and enter "CARS 2021 Submission" into the box for authors comments.
Please refer to the instructions for authors of the International Journal of CARS and read them carefully before preparing your manuscript.

Original articles correspond to manuscripts which fall into the category of original (technical) publications with a focus on describing technical details and feasibility, in addition to their relevance in clinical settings.

Short communications correspond to manuscripts with a focus on future-oriented "substantial innovations" outlining concepts and/or investigations as part of visionary work-in-progress activities. A substantial innovation implies expanding the capabilities of a CARS-related system or its components towards significantly improving clinical workflow and/or patient outcome.

The benefit of submitting a paper rather than an abstract is that after the peer-review process, in addition to a lecture or poster presentation at the congress, the paper may also be considered for inclusion in a regular issue of the International Journal of CARS.

If a paper is rejected for publication in IJCARS, but accepted for presentation for the CARS Congress, the authors will be given the opportunity to submit an extended abstract for the CARS Proceedings, a Supplement of IJCARS. Deadline of Submission of these abstracts for the CARS Proceedings is 23rd March, 2021. A word template for preparing the abstract and further details for submission can be downloaded.

> download word template

Abstracts or papers are solicited for presentation at the congress (i.e. papers as well as abstracts are considered for lectures or posters, both have equal chance of acceptance). Abstracts may also be submitted to be considered for the poster exhibition only. Abstracts for lectures or posters will also be published in the CARS Proceedings, a Supplement of IJCARS.

Presentation at CARS 2021

All submissions will be peer-reviewed and, if accepted, will be given a presentation time of 10 minutes incl. 3 minutes discussion for oral presentations, and 3 minutes (max. 3 slides) for poster presentations.

In order to ensure that all presentations can be scheduled with a high degree of certainty within the given time schedule of the CARS Program, the authors of oral and poster presentations are asked to prepare and present a video of their presentation. Recommended features for preparing your video presentations would include:

1) Maximum length of video presentation not exceeding 10 minutes with a minimum of 7 minutes (for oral presentations).
2) To capture the attention of audience, the audio narrative to the visual/graphic presentations contained in the video should follow a well thought out and clear script/storyline.
3) The guiding structure of the video presentation should be the Purpose, Methods, Results and Conclusion sections of your original IJCARS paper/abstract.
4) The number of static slides should preferably not exceed 3 per minute (except introductory slides).
5) To ascertain that the video presentation is accurate, it should not contain unlawful material and is not to be used as an advertising instrument.
6) We will use the included audio-track of the submissions for the presentation, so please assure this to be of adequate quality (no echoing, volume) and articulation.
7) The file name of the video should include your name and paper code (PaperCode_Last Name_First Name).

To enhance the presentation quality of the video, technical requirements would include a minimum resolution of the video of at least 720p, a maximum file size of 300MB, while utilizing commonly used video-codecs (e.g. H.264) and formats (.mov or .mp4). For the encoded audio, high quality needs to be ensured, i.e. usage of a quality microphone, recording with a minimum bitrate of 128kbps as well as clear articulation, i.e. reduction of background noises, echo-free surrounding. The spoken audio needs to be in English, with average speed rate (< 1,5 words/sec).

In order to allow for sufficient time for the curation/review process of the video presentations and possible pre-conference practicing runs, the video presentations should be submitted to CARS latest by 31st May, 2021 following the Upload Link.

Poster presenters will be given a presentation time of 3 minutes (max. 3 slides) and should submit their videos latest by 5th June, 2021.

> Upload Link

In addition to the presentation to CARS 2021, optionally, presenters are given the opportunity to prepare their video presentation according to the IFCARS/CARS Academy guidelines. After an appropriate curation process, this would allow the presentation to be included as a scholarly video into the CARS Academy.

> CARS guidelines for Scholarly Video communication

Publication in the International Journal of CARS (IJCARS)

Abstract submissions

CARS 2021 abstracts will be evaluated by the program committee and, if accepted, will be published in the CARS Proceedings, Supplement of the International Journal of CARS, which will be made available to all attendees at the congress.

Paper submissions

After the peer-review process and if accepted, papers will be published "online first" by Springer as well as included in regular or special issues of the International Journal of CARS.


Submission of abstracts / papers: 11th January, 2021
midnight PST time
Notification of acceptance: 9th February, 2021
Registration of presenting authors: 3rd March, 2021
Submission of final abstracts (for CARS 2021 Proceedings): 9th March, 2021
Submission of final papers (for the International Journal of CARS): after the peer-review process


All presenting authors must register for the congress by 3rd March, 2021. Only one person per presentation can register at the special registration fee for presenting authors of Euro 560.
For any inquiries regarding registration, please contact us at registration(@)

If you have any questions regarding your submission, please send them to fschweikert(@)

Last update: 19 May 2021