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Update on participation restrictions (June 2020)

As the situation relating to COVID-19 is in constant flux and very strict hygienic rules will still apply in Munich, we expect only a very restricted number of participants from Germany (Munich area and from the TU Munich only) to be given permission to be able to attend the CARS congress in person.

We therefore, strongly advise you, if you are not a presenter of a lecture from the Technical University of Munich, not to plan to come to Munich to attend CARS in person.

For the Virtual CARS 2020 Congress we set up a special homepage to guide you through the congress and to provide you with all necessary information at

June 2020

COVID-19 Update, May 2020

Given the COVID-19 situation and what has been judged by the CARS Organizers as the most likely scenario at this point in time is, that CARS 2020 can effectively take place as a hybrid meeting, i.e. as a scaled down version compared to previous CARS Congresses by combining an in-person presence with a virtual meeting part.

We are therefore incorporating virtual conference parts (presentations) from those international colleagues who, because of travelling restrictions cannot be personally present in Munich (mainly from overseas and some European countries), with in-person presentations given by colleagues not impeded by travelling restrictions.

We expect by the beginning of June 2020 that travelling issues around COVID-19 become clearer, with a further reduction of travelling restrictions. More details as regards form and timing of presentations at CARS 2020 will then be decided upon and communicated to potential presenters and participants.

CARS 2020 is planned to take place in the Klinikum rechts der Isar in Munich, a venue which can provide the right infrastructure for a hybrid meeting and destined to ascertain, that all guidelines for hygiene are thoroughly followed during the congress.

We hope for your understanding for this extraordinary situation in these difficult times. To cope with the effect of COVID-19 is for all of us in the CARS Organizing Team a very demanding exercise and we try to alleviate and minimise to our best ability any inconveniences this may cause to potential presenters and participants.

The CARS Organizers

May 14, 2020


CARS 2020 Virtual Registration Desk - Support for congress participants

You can contact the Virtual Registration Desk by sending an email to registration(at)
We will respond as quickly as possible.

Office hours: Monday - Friday, June 22-26 from 8:00h-18:00h (CET)

CARS 2020 VIRTUAL MEDIA DESK- Support for presenting authors

***Technical Chair Assistance for Presenting Authors:
Each presenting author has been assigned a "technical chair" who will assist them in making sure that all is working smoothly. Please reach out to the person who has been in contact with you via email, if you have any questions. They will respond as quickly as the can.