CARS Conference Office
Mrs. Franziska Schweikert
Klettgaustr. 20
79790 Kuessaberg, Germany
Tel. +49-7742-922 434
Email: office(at)

Please note that during the week of the CARS congress the best way to contact us is via email.

CARS 2020 Virtual Registration Desk - Support for congress participants

You can contact the Virtual Registration Desk by sending an email to registration(at)
We will respond as quickly as possible.

Office hours: Monday - Friday, June 22-26 from 8:00h-18:00h (CET)


CARS 2020 VIRTUAL MEDIA DESK- Support for presenting authors

***Technical Chair Assistance for Presenting Authors:
Each presenting author has been assigned a "technical chair" who will assist them in making sure that all is working smoothly. Please reach out to the person who has been in contact with you via email, if you have any questions. They will respond as quickly as they can.